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With photos from Total Realty Solutions you can sell more houses by using more of your time working with your clients. Your clients demand more of your time and effort to sell their house. If you work with both buyers and sellers then your time is doubley in demand. Between writing contracts, showings, MLS searches, office meetings, client meetings, new client meetings, and personal time (what's that, right?) When do you have time to go take pictures? Why not let someone who specializes in real estate photography do it for you?

Our photos are top quality, high-definition masterpieces that are not only framed to showcase the property, but also invite buyers in to see more. It may not be the photos that sell the house, but it's certainly the photos that intice the buyers to see the house. Good photos say, "If you like what you see here, wait until you walk through!"

In addition to our photographs, we also produce vidoe tours. According to the National Association of Realtors 72% of home sellers want their agent to use video, but only 3 percent actually do. Video offers more freedom in each room and breathes more life into the house. Our video tours are different from the traditional virtual tours. We shoot each tour in high-definition video giving buyers a clear and realistic view of the property, inside and out. If a picture says a thousand words, how many more words will be said about your video tour that has thirty pictures every second. That's certainly a lot of ooh's, ah's, and wow's!

By utilizing our MLS and Agent Listing Presentation pages to showcase your listing with top-quality photographs and a high-definition video tour you will leverage your marketing dollars and perhaps even find some personal time in the process. These pages are better than a virtual tour because in addition to the slideshow and video tour, they also provide buyer informtion, home data, community internet links, additional MLS searches, agent information with social media links and a GEO location map that syncronizes with Google maps to help buyers find the property on their mobile device. All this is in one convenient place thus eliminating the need for multiple virtual tour links from the MLS and minimizing the time your client needs to make a decision about the property.

So look through our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.




Ben's House

Sheila Bell - RE/Max Elite Service

"I spoke to the sellers on Harrisburg London Rd and
they were very happy with the photos.  Thanks for making
me look good :)."

See the Pics: 7919 Harrisburg-London Road.